Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Madame Madeline: LAAASHES

I'd heard and browsed Madame Madeline, but never ordered. I love lashes. I often flirt with the natural looking ones; but I ventured into more dramatic ones. I love Red Cherry lashes, but they are so hard to find. Enter the Madame. No joke, I ordered Thursday and received my order Saturday!

The only qualm I have, and it isn't even towards the site, it's the Elise lashes. The spine of those things are so thick and they feel like paper! They don't bend or mold to your lashline with ease. The #055 are some thin lashes but the spine of it is so freakin' thick that if you wanted a natural look, you'd have to do a thick liner. I'll have to work with Elise's a bit to get the hang of them.

The Red Cherry's are gorgeous. If they stop carrying them, I'm fucked.

Seriously, if you are looking to bulk up on some lashes, you can't beat the selection Madame Madeline has. Go, go, go!!

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