Friday, June 25, 2010

A Pale Girl's Summer Essentials

I drink only water. Sometimes I'll venture into some tea or a smoothie, but anytime you see me I'm always with a bottle of water. Especially with the heat of summer, I'm carrying an even bigger bottle because I can't get enough of it. Beat the summer bloat with water and add some lemon.

Again, can't get enough of it. I use Neutrogena's body mist SPF 100 simply because I like to keep my skin as pale as possible. I dislike the shine my skin gets when applied, but set it with a fine powder it helps diminish it. Applies nicely on the face, nothing too heavy & can go over makeup well.

Lip Balm
Preferably with an SPF. Since Aromaleigh discontinued their lip balms, I'm forced to venture out to find a replacement. Currently I still have some of their lip balm left, but I also picked up eos's sphere balm (possible review later). Lips need just as much moisture and sun protection as your skin does.

Face Serum/Light Moisturizer
I've discovered Silk Naturals skincare items & have since fallen in love with their Green Tea and Aloe Hydrating Serum. Two pumps, swirl in on my face, then push it in. That's all I need to stay moisturized in the summer. You don't want some heavy moisturizer sliding all over your face in the heat. Light layers of product to keep the skin from cakey is key.

Hair Serum 
Specifically TIGI Some Like it Hot. I have red hair & we all know how much is it to maintain it. Well, all hair needs protection from the sun (the sun actually oxidizes your hair, acting like 20 volume therefore opening the cuticle to allow color fading), but especially color treated hair. Avoid excessive sunlight to prevent damaging to your hair. If you're going to the beach or going to be outside for long periods of time, apply a deep conditioner to dry hair to prevent dryness & further damage to the hair.

Like I said, I'm an avid user of anything to keep my skin pale and protected. I get called out a lot for carrying a parasol but at least my elastin and collagen is in check. It may look silly, but at least I won't look like leather in my later years.

Preferably bright colors. I can hardly stand the feel of lipstick during normal temperatures, so lipgloss is great to add color with. I really enjoy NYX round lipglosses. I also recently got Revlon's lipglosses which I'm enjoying as well.

Pumice Stone
Wearing flip flops wreaks havoc on your feet. Your feet get dirty, dry, just beaten but yet I still continue to live in them as long as I possibly can. Light buffing every other day helps the appearance of my heels.

Bigger the better.

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