Sunday, June 27, 2010


I recently made an order through getting various Red Cherry lashes & NYX JEP's. I ordered on a Thursday, received notice it'd shipped Friday, parcel was in my hands Monday. That's some fast shipping! Serious impressive skill.

Upon opening my package, I realized one of the JEP's was missing. Emailed the owner to notify I had a missing item which she is quick to reply to emails within the day. Owner was quick to fix the issue & I received the missing item Wednesday. Again, quick!

With my order, she added two pairs of lashes. If you spend over $20, you will receive a gift of her choosing. You can make a suggestion, but it's not granted you'll get what you ask.

I've been wanting to try Red Cherry lashes for a while now. I'm so glad I could get my hands on what I did. The lashes are stupendous. Lightweight, natural looking, and easily fitted to the eye.

I do recommend & will be shopping there in the future.

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